Dearly Missed Members Of the Herd 


Dam:A & W SNOWBALL 29J -1098- FS

Birth Weight: 60 pounds

2013 was the last year of Rob 'N Sons Farm 11N. He has been a wonderful bull for many years raising top quality calves.

Countryside Yulana 93Y

Yulana lost her battle at a young age but will never be forgotten. She was the key to the herd that made it whole.. She was one of the top producer of the Suzie herd...

Parkland Speckle Park 1J
This is Iggy at the age of 15 years still producing calves. She is a cow that really shows the true Speckle Park Traits, great mother, docile, easy keeper, and breeding ability.  She has done a wonderful job building me a herd over the years but in fall 2015 Iggy choose her resting spot... Through all her life she was a cow that always kept me on my toes. By never wanting me to  know if it was a heifer or bull. She for many years would have Heifers that were speckled and Bulls that were white with black points, always going heifer, bull, heifer, bull but continued the traits with colour not sex. She would do anything for a scratch and grain.. She will be dearly missed but,  be always a part of the herd through her many offspring.

Leopard 237

This great cow we lost right after we had weaned her calf fall 2017 she has been a great addition to the herd and will be greatly missed.. She produced some great herd bulls while being on the farm..

She was a commercial cow but a great dam.

 2019-has had many sad days that have come with it. But so thankful for beautiful sunny days and going to see the many offspring that our Countryside Dakota 159D has left behind to carry their father/Grandfathers legacy. Dakota fell ill over the winter and with a hard choice we decided that we would not use him this year and would sell him incase.. So we said goodbye to his last Wednesday with his favorite scratches and grain. I still look for you to scratch but instead your calves come to see me.
 2019- With a heavy heart we decided to sell our commercial cow Rosie 2R who was Parkland Speckle Park 1J second daughter sired by a black welsh bull. Rosie inpacted our herd in many ways leave many daughters that have produced many great offspring over the years. She as 14 years old and come up open this spring so decided it was time to say good bye.. Today i still walk out to look for you but see the many daughter that look just like their mom instead.

Heaven gained another angel, you were an amazing cow that had truly impacted my herd since we purchased you... You gave me an amazing herd bull and produced many offspring that will carry your legacy... Jo Jo of Par 11P we will dearly miss you... March 15 2004 to 2019

2019- With a sad heart we said good bye to Dlr Onya 79w... she was carrying two big calves but her body just couldn't do it. You were an amazing cow I wish I would have kept your heifer last year if I only know...
This cow was one of the first breed heifers I had bought, she has produced some great daughter over the years in our herd and others.