The History of Speckle Park Cattle....

           Speckle Park Cattle were developed  in 1959 when Bill and Eileen Lamont of Maidstone, SK bought their first speckled heifer from Mary Lindsay, of Greenstreet, SK, then further developed in Alberta. There is Speckle Parks genetics in many countries now including: USA,New Zealand, Australia, Ireland.


         The Lamont's breed Aberdeen Angus and then crossed Speckled cows with their purebred Black Angus bulls. Speckle Park were developed from Teesdale Shorthorn, Black Angus and  White Park. They received distinct breed in  2006 and the herd book then closed for any speckle park crossed offspring.  All registered Speckle Park animals are DNA parentage verified. 

But there is still percentage of 75% to 93.8% stock in the registered animals.

Not all registered animals are purebred but are classified purebred Status at 96.9% pure.

Speckle Parks Can be found in different patterns

  *the SPECKLE - black panel with speckled rear quarters,with white top line

  *the LEOPARD - black spots that are not joined and varying in  size

  *the WHITE WITH BLACK POINTS -black ears, black around the eyes, and black nose, feet and hooves

 * the BLACK - Is a through back to the Angus in the background and is Appendix in most cases