History of My Herd

My herd has been built on quality not quantity, this herd has been built around two main animals
Rob N' Sons Farm 11N and Parkland Speckle Park 1J.
 I have retained most of  the female and sold the bulls off these animals
to add to Commercial and Purebred operations.

(Commercial offspring are due to bylaw coming into affect in 2002 all sire had to be DNA)

Parkland Speckle Park 1J
This is Iggy at the age of 16 years old she produced her last calf in 2016. She is a cow that really shows the true Speckle Park Traits, great mother,docile,easy keeper, and breeding ability.  She has done a wonderful job building me a herd over the years that would included. 
• 8  Daughters (5 Purebred / 3 Commercial )
  • 20 plus  Grand-daughters (9 Purebred/13 Commercial)
  • 16 plus Great Grand-daughters (2 purebred/ 16Commercial)
  • 6 Sons and 14 Grand Son (out producing more offspring)
  • Along with many offspring that were shown in 4H
  • Also heifers sold as replacements 

We dearly miss Iggy she had become a part of everyday life on the farm... But now she lays in her resting place and will never be forgot, she was all a young girl could ask for. Even when she didn't want you to see her calf whether it was a heifer or bull. I had it almost figured when she has a pattern down and she would have bull,heifer,bull, heifer.  White with black points were always bulls and speckled was heifer, but them Countryside Sabrina 6S came along, and things changed she was having more heifers but was still keeping the white with black points then speckle color tradition each year... 

JoJo of Par 11P

This is JoJo at the age of 13 years old still producing offspring but age is starting to catch up with this beautiful lady. She is the dam to Countryside Ylander 7y and Countryside Camilla 116C and long with many bulls over the years sold as commercials, and many grandchildren. She always has a flare to fire of life..

Heaven gained another angel, you were an amazing cow that had truly impacted my herd since we purchased you... You gave me an amazing herd bull and produced many offspring that will carry your legacy... Jo Jo of Par 11P we will dearly miss you... March 15 2004 to 2019.

Rob 'N Sons Farm 11N

This is my Major bull at the age of 10 years still producing offspring but retired at this age. Would still be breeding to this day if hadn't get injured. He also helped build my herd of commercial and purebred speckle park. Had the speckle park traits of great temperament, easy to work with which over the year produced the following Daughters and Sons. 

  • 33  Daughters (8 Purebred/ 25 Commercial)
  • 16 plus Grand-daughters (3 Purebred, 13 commercial)
  • Multiply Great Grand-daughters
  • 12 plus Bulls out working in Purebred/Commercial herds
  •  Plus many commercial heifers sold as replacements 

DLR Simba 44T
This is my Simba bull at the age of 8 years. Still breeding at  10 years old and still producing offspring as of 2017
 in my Commercial Herd but now is gone.
  • 22 plus Daughters (2 Purebred, 20 Commercial)
  • 3 plus Grand-daughters (1 Purebred, 2 Commercial)
  • 11 plus Son that are out producing offspring's
  • Plus many commercial heifers sold as replacements

Countryside Ylander 7y
This is my Ylander bull at the age of 2 years.  He is now 3 years old and running with my purebred herd of speckles along with a few top commercial cows. But sadly in 2017 be injured himself and we had to sell him.
This bull has been a great addition to the herd throwing great depth, and length to his calves , many of his offspring used for 4H. 
21 plus Daughter (13 purebred/ 8commercial)
2 plus Grand-daughter and  1 Grandson
15 plus Sons( 9 Purebred/ 6 Commercial)
Some heifers also sold as replacement heifers to new breeders.
MX Big Country

This is Big Country as a yearling bull. He has done a great job on our commercial herd of speckle parks, he throws great calves that are very head strong just like him.

• He has 2 daughters who are both Commercial.

• Along with a few commercial heifers we sold the fall of 2016 into BC and Alberta.

Countryside Zakuro 44Z

This is my Zakuro bull at the age of 3 years.  He is now 4 years old and running with my commerical herd of speckle. He has been sold this year due to too many sister in herd.  He has been a great addition to the herd throwing great depth, and length to his calves, just like his father Rob'N Sons Farm 11N

  • 4 Daughters who are all commerical born.
  • 2 Sons that have went to continuous his bloodlines 

Zakuro has now found a new home in BC, where he will next year walking the fields with some ladies.

Par Aquarius 60A

This is Aquarius as a yearling bull. He has done a great job on our commercial heifers along with a few purebreds. This year we only used him on a few purebred cows and commercial cows.

• He has 2 daughters (1 purebred and 1 Commercial)

• Along with a few commercial sons 

This Bull is out producing commerical offspring as sold in 2016.
This herd has sold offspring throughout Canada. Ontario,Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta just a few to mention. Some Commercial and Purebred offspring into United States.