Reference Sires 

MX Big Country 103B

Sire: River Hill Traffic Jam 26T
Dam: Willow of MX 20W
Born March 13 2014
BW 82 lbs
100% Purebred  

Big Country, is a bull I purchased from Max as a yearling, used him for 2015 on my commercial heifers and cows. He is a great addition to the herd, he has now taken ylander's herd of purebred cows along with some top commercial cows so in 2018 we will have his purebred offspring.

Uneeda Black Tie 15B

Sire: P.A.R Rollin Stone 01R
Dam:Wilma of MX15W
Born April 17 2014
Birth Weight: 72 lbs
100% Purebred

Black Tie is a bull I purchased from Uneeda as a yearling, used him on my Purebred and a few commercial heifers for 2016 calving season. He has been a great addition to the herd. 2017 he was with some purebred cows along with our young commercial herd.

P.A.R Charmer 260C

Sire: Par Arret 38A  

Dam: Monalisa VII of Par 6Z  

Born March 24 2015

Birth Weight  77 Lbs


Bought this Bull from Par Ranch, he is a great heifers bull as not a big bull. Seems to through the color to his offspring.

Countryside Cayden 105C

Sire: Par Papa Razzi 6P 

Dam: Countryside Yulana 93y 

Born March 2 2015 

Bw 80 lbs

Weaning weight 630 lbs at 237 days

April 20th weight - 1210 lbs

Retaining for in herd use as lost dam shortly after they went to pasture. So this young boy has done a great job growing without his dam.. He is working the field with some commercial cows and heifers.

Countryside 206E

Sire: Countryside Ylander 7Y

Dam: Susan Of Par 10S

Born:  February 26 2017 

Bw: 83 lbs   

We love his full brother so have decided to give this bull a go in hopes to keep the dark factor he carriers.. These two full brothers are just like their father in many ways 

Countryside Forrester 282F

Sire: MX Big Country 103B

Dam: DLR Leilani 2W

March 5 2018

Purity 93.8%

Tattoo SMD 282F

Registration No- 9509- PT

We decide to keep this boy as we sold his dam in fall 2018. He will be running the pasture of countryside ylander 7y daughter really looking forward to this cross. 

Retired Herd Sires

Countryside Dakota 159D

Sire: Countryside Ylander 7Y

Dam: Susan Of Par 10S

Born Feb 26 2016

Bw 83 lbs

Yearling Weight 1020 lbs 

Scrotal Size at yearling - 33 cm

Retaining for in herd use as coming from great herd sire and dam, hopefully he will take over his father's herd in 2018.

Born March 20 2007
Birth Weight:92 pounds
100% Purebred 
Simba is a bull I purchased as a 2 year old, who has sired many commercial offspring along with a few purebred since I bought him, he is getting up in years soon will be retired, but he has been a wonderful bull to handle and the master of the herd. 2017 will be his last year of breeding as he will be retired from the herd at the age of 10 years.

Born March 16 2011
Birth Weight: 83 pounds
100% Purebred 

Ylander is a bull i raisied but purchase his dam pregnant with, he has produced us a great set of calves including many that have went on and started new herd for many producers.

Sadly Ylander 7y in the spring of 2017 got injuried and was pulled from the breeding program so 2017 calves will be his last offsprings.