Purebred Bulls/Females that we Sold...

Countryside Dexten 209D

Born – May 14 2016

BW – 75 lbs

Dam- Countryside Ariel 22A

Sire – Uneeda Black Tie 15B

Colour – Light Speckle

Percentage – 100% Pure


Born –  Feb 24 2016

BW –    74 lbs 

Dam-  Countryside Bree Butterfly 68B

Sire –  Uneeda Black Tie 15B

Colour –   Light Speckle 

Percentage – 100% Pure 

Countryside Dryden 169D

Born: March 4 2016

Birth Weight: 75 lbs

Dam: Jo Jo of Par 11P

Sire:  Par Aqaurius 60A

PAR Aquarius 60A

Sire: PAR Touch Down 600T

Dam: Rob 'N Son's Farm 6P

Born April 20 2013

Birth weight: 72 Lbs

100% Purebred 

Aquarius is a bull I purchased from PAR as a yearling, used him on my Purebred and a few commercial heifers last year. He has been a great addition to the herd and look forward to watching his calves grow.

Countryside Copper 139C

Sire: Countryside Ylander 7y 

Dam: Countryside Yarana 24y 

Born April 8 2015 

Bw 85 lbs

Weaning weight - 670 lbs at 200 days

April 20th weight - 1220 lbs

Semen tested April 20th 

Scrotal 34cm and 94% normal


Countryside Zukuro 44z
Dam: DLR Leilani 2W
Sire: Rob N' Sons Farm 11N
Birth Weight 80 pounds
93.8% Purebred

Retained some Female from Zakuro for in herd use.

He found a nice home in BC

Countryside Colby 138C

Sire: Countryside Ylander 7y

Dam: Countryside Zalika 51z 

Born April 6 2015

Bw 55 lbs

Weaning Weight 460 lbs

April 20th Weight 790 lbs

This calf maybe tiny but is the full package with overall depth and length..

Countryside Carlo 101C

Sire: Par Papa Razzi 6P 

Dam: Countryside Zavieria 40z

Born Feb 28 2015 

Bw 70 lbs

Weaning Weight -560 lbs 
April 20th weight - 1070 lbs

This calf is an Ai son, with overall performance that he will pass onto his offspring.

Countryside Cowboy 131C

Dam: Countryside Ariel 22A

Sire Par Aqaurius 60A

Bw 85 lbs

Born March 25 2015

This bull calf was off a first calf heifer and she has done an amazing job on raising this calf....

Countryside Beckham 84B

Born March 18 2014

Birth weight 78 lbs

Dam: Susan of Par 10S

Sire Countryside Ylander 7Y

100% Purebred

Sold to Ridge Lane Ranch

Countryside Brentley 86B

Born: April 10 2014

Birth weight: 84 Lbs

Dam: Parkland Speckle Park 1J

Sire: Countryside Ylander 7Y

96.9% Purebred

Owned by Skylar Morrison


Countryside Alonzo 38A
Born May 20 2013
BW  75 pounds
Dam Parkland Speckle Park 1J
Sire Rob' N Sons Farm 11N

96.9 % Purebred

Owned By   Everett Morrison  

Countryside  Brixton 53B

 Born March 3 2014

Birth Weight 72 lbs

Dam: Countryside Zaviera 40z

Sire : Countryside Ylander 7y

100% Purebred


Owned By  AVERY CREEK (Lisa Townsend)

Countryside Bauu 85B

Born March 23 2014

Birth weight 83 lbs

Dam: Jo Jo of Par 11P

Sire: DLR Simba 44T

100% Pure 

Weighed 605 lbs on Oct.5 

Owned By Double CCK Farm

Countryside Brycen  64B

Born March 3 2014

Birth Weight 70 lbs

Dam: Countryside Yulana 93y

Sire: Countryside Ylander 7Y

96.9 % Purebred

Countryside Bensen 62B

Born March 18 2014

Birth weight: 81 pounds

Dam: Cold Creek Royal Rose 23R

Sire: Countryside Ylander 7Y

93.8% Purebred

Dam: Parkland Speckle Park 1J
Sire: Ponoka Speckle Park 19H
Born 2001 Bw 65 pounds

Dam: Miranda
Sire: Aspen Acres TNT 4Y
Born 2006 Bw 70 pounds

 Sadly Deceased in 2014

Dam Parkland Speckle Park 1J
Sire Rob 'n Sons Farm 11N

Y- Man
Dam: Parkland Speckle Park 1J
Sire: DLR Simba 44T
Born 2011 BW 71 pounds
Dam:Countryside Sabrina 6S
Sire: Rob 'N Sons Farms 11N
Born 2010 BW 69 pounds

Dam Countryside Sabrina 6S
Sire Rob 'N Sons Farm 11N
Grand-dam Parkland Speckle Park 1J 

 Antonio 53A

Dam Jo Jo of Par 11P

Sire Rob' N Sons Farm 11N

Born 2013  Birth weight 88 lbs

Dam: Jo Jo of Par 11P
Sire: Rob 'N Sons Farms 11N
Born 2012 BW 83 pounds


Dam: Parkland Speckle Park 3J

Sire: DLR Simba 44T

Female End of the for sale Page...

Countryside Yolanda 30Y

Dam:Cold Creek Royal Rose 23R

Sire: Calamasue 46U

Countryside Umeka 19U
Dam: Parkland Speckle Park 1J
Sire: Rob "N Sons Farms 11N

Countryside Betrina 59b
Dam:DLR Trina 18W
Sire: Countryside Ylander 7Y

We had to say goodbye to this young girl as she lost her calf....