Welcome to Countryside Speckle Park 
  We own and operate a farm near Stettler, Alberta. I grew up wanting to own a speckle park herd and was able to purchased my first heifer in 1999. Started my herd of her daughters and grand- daughters and so on. 
As the time went by we decided to get into purebred cattle but now its not just a dream. 
We have 45 plus purebred speckle parks along with 
80 plus commercial speckle park cows. 
That all started from one good old dam Parkland Speckle Park 1J and Sire - Rob 'N Sons Farm 11N along with some new bloodlines purchased DLR Simba 44T and a  son of Calamasue 46U & JoJo of Par 11P  - Countryside Ylander 7Y along with a few purchased cows and herd bulls now that these two boys are no longer. We are run two full brothers of Countryside Ylander 7Y/ Par Susan 10S along with MX Big Country 103B, Uneeda Black Tie 15B, Par Charmer 260C, and Countryside Cayden 105C a Par Susan 10S grand son who was orphaned as a calf but has done an amazing job in our commercial herd. 

Qualities of the BREED:
  • Calving Ease, Vigorous Calves, and Good Maternal Instinct
  • Hardy and Healthy, Good Longevity
  • Docile Nature and Ease of Handling
  •  High Quality Carcass

 If you want to chat and find out more about us and the Speckle Park Breed, you can give us a call at 403-883-2208 

or on my cell 403-742-9476

or email us at [email protected]

Visit my other website for more pictures and info!  http://commericalcountrysidespecklepark.webs.com/

We would love to help you get to know this exciting cattle breed.
 We also purchased a small herd of Purebred Shorthorns so if your interested please visit www.countrysideshorthorns.webs.com

 When you come and visit the herd you will see all the great benefits of speckle park cattle.

  • Quiet - love to get scratches
  • Great Mothers 
  • Temperament and overall performance
  • Longevity- there are a few girls over the age of 16 and still going strong. 

To satisfy all customers we offer for sale off the farm.  
  • Replacement Heifers
  • Bull Calves
  • Yearling Bulls.